ProLogix and Acculogix are Canada’s leading providers of innovative reading category logistics solutions, serving Canada’s most accomplished magazine and book marketers.

Metro engages both ProLogix Distribution Services and Acculogix Distribution Services, Canada’s largest and most experienced providers of reading category logistics, to carry-out its physical distribution requirements throughout Canada. Pro and Accu employ a highly sophisticated and efficient Just-In-Time logistics system designed to meet the demanding needs of it customers, which includes Canada’s largest and most respected media distributors. Powered by 650 logistics professionals, Pro and Accu assemble and delivers more than 1.6 million JIT orders annually.

Pro and Accu provide an extensive service offering that spans warehousing, order assembly, delivery, collections and reverse logistics, for a wide range of commodities including magazines, books, flyers and packaging material.

Beyond its unparalleled service quality and responsiveness, Pro and Accu have a relentless drive to innovate logistics solutions that yield compounded benefits or simply put, solutions that “synergize”.

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