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Metro News is Ontario’s leading and most recognized marketer of magazines and books, serving the evolving needs of retailers for over 90 years.

Metro News, markets and distributes magazines, books and related products to mass market and specialty retailers throughout Canada. We provide “best-in-class” service to over 8,000 retail locations spanning the largest national chains to the smallest of independent convenience stores.

Metro annually distributes approx. 100 million magazines, 10 million books, 50,000 creatively packaged promotional book displays, as well as a select number of niche packaged goods products. Every single product is targeted to the unique demographic of our customer’s end consumer. In fact, no two retail locations carry the identical product mix.

Metro achieves this unprecedented level of marketing sophistication by utilizing its proprietary marketing systems such as Spectrum, Dosio and Metro Mobile. These systems work together to determine the appropriate display size, location and configuration, product selection and promotional programs to match our customer’s unique needs. These systems also equip our selling professionals and customers with valuable insight to help them better understand the needs of the store and as a result drive sales. In fact, Metro consistently outpaces the North American industry in sales growth every year.

Metro reaches its national retailers through its marketing affiliate, Canadian Mass Media Inc. (CMMI). CMMI engages over 1,000 marketing, distribution and merchandising professionals to execute its’ marketing programs, making it the largest and most experienced media marketing company of its kind in Canada.

Product Benefits

Generate risk free profit

All Product is fully returnable! With competitive margins, high turns, and fixed cover prices, our products yield attractive profits.

Increase browse time

Shoppers find browsing through magazines and books to be irresistible. This means that your customers will spend more time in your store which leads to more purchases.

Stimulate purchases of other products you sell

Magazines promote products and activities that stimulate purchases of other products in your store – magazines are your silent salesperson.

Getting started with Metro News, Canada’s leading and most recognized marketer of magazines and books, is easy and starts with 3 simple steps!

First… We need to get some information about you and your company!

  • Management philosophy
  • Customer profile
  • Store locations, sizes and daily transactions
  • Display standards

Second… From the information you provide we will formalize a plan!

  • Determine title selection and quantities
  • Determine display options
  • Suggest performance guidelines
  • Suggest a time line for implementation at store level

Third… Contact Metro News today and let’s get started!

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