National Distribution

Coast to Coast Newsstand Services is one of North Americas pre-eminent National Distributors representing over 98% of the tier one Canadian published magazines.

Coast to Coast Newsstand Services Partnership (“C2C”) is one of North Americas pre-eminent National Distributors representing over 98% of the tier one Canadian published magazines, along with a select few high profile U.S. based client publishers.

C2C’s client roster includes the likes of Rogers Media, Transcontinental Media, St. Joseph’s Press, House and Home Media, The Taunton Press, Kalmbach Publishing, and many others.

C2C provides an unparalleled service proposition to its clients predicated on four key pillars:


C2C has an award winning team of dedicated individuals striving to exceed the needs and expectations of its clients.  Our expertise is second to none in the industry and our mandate is to find unconventional and creative solutions to everyday issues.  As the largest purchaser of Canadian retail promotional pockets, our team has a tremendous amount of leverage with the Canadian Retailers in terms securing display space, both permanent and for promotions.

Wholesale Integration

C2C’s owners are the major Canadian wholesalers thus providing C2C client titles with the highest level of access into the Canadian retail system.  C2C deploys personnel in all of the major wholesaler facilities in order to assist the wholesalers to effectively implement C2C client requirements on an ongoing basis.

Advanced Systems Integration

C2C has invested heavily in the development and implementation of its proprietary operational and management systems.  These systems provide for a high degree of data analysis and automation with respect to assessing client needs and sales opportunities and converting same into field level activities and assignments for our teams deployed at the wholesaler’s locations.


C2C is the only national distributor in North America offering complete O/R weekly data to its clients either via automated email reports or via the web through a secured password protected site.  C2C clients are able to run their own ad-hoc queries on-line or tap into any number of canned reports that get updated each week as the new data flows into the system.  In addition, C2C offers it clients a comprehensive analytics package such that the weekly data can be manipulated and analyzed in such a way as to provide near real time decision support to publishers, thus allowing for editorial and / or cover changes often prior to the printing of the next issue.

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