Ontario Newspaper Services (ONS) has been the leading marketer of international and specialty newspapers with Canadian retailers for over 50 years.  In addition, ONS provides unique subscription services delivering the news directly to home or office.

Ontario Newspaper Services (ONS) is known for its Just-In-Time execution ability and provides the logistics and marketing for more than 100 different foreign presse, financial, Canadian specialty, religious and racing newspapers.   It expertly services two distinct sectors; retail and subscription.  Its supplier and customer relationships are unparalleled in the newspaper business.

ONS services all major Ontario retail newsstand locations such as, Chapters/Indigo, HDS Retail, International News, Gateway Newsstand and many major independent newsstands. Penetrating the market even further, ONS delivers to the individual consumer arriving daily at office locations and directly to subscribers’ homes.

It is ONS’s routing technologies, distribution systems and the valuable experience of 39 contractors which allow it to flawlessly deliver 365 days a year to over 8,500 customers all between the 3 short hours of 4:00am and 7:00am.

Products & Benefits

Generate risk free profit

All Product is fully returnable! With competitive margins, high turns, and fixed cover prices, our products yield attractive profits.

Increase store traffic

Shoppers are looking for news, stock market information and entertainment from more than just our local markets. Once a customer finds a location to purchase their favourite publication they come back again to ensure they do not miss a single issue.

Add excitement

Newspaper headlines change everyday, providing your customer with a new and exciting shopping experience every time they visit your store.

Increase sales

Specialty newspapers bring customers into your store which leads to multiple purchases in your store as customers will take advantage of the opportunity to satisfy other needs.

Getting started with Ontario Newspaper Services is easy, and starts with 3 simple steps!

First… We need to get some information about you and your company!

  • Management philosophy
  • Customer profile
  • Store locations, sizes and daily transactions
  • Display standards

Second… From the information you provide we will formalize a plan!

  • Determine title selection and quantities
  • Determine display options
  • Suggest performance guidelines
  • Suggest a time line for implementation at store level

Third… Contact Metro News today and let’s get started!

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